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We're hiring

We’re a fast growing tech start-up building VR tools for business,.

Our  VR Tools enable organisations communicate, collaborate and engage in a more intuitive and enriched way.  It’s exciting work and this year we feel that after 2 years  we’re just getting started on the potential of VR for business.

We value diversity in life, life experiences and outlook and while our strategy is clear we believe in giving people flexibility in how they execute the strategy. We expect you to be passionate about the work you do, be open to learning and sharing knowledge and of course to be master (or master in the making) of your craft. 

We offer a flexible working environment in the fantastic co-working setting of  The Dream Factory  in Melbourne’s happening Footscray.


Current openings

3D Artist

Posted 20.02.2017: This opening is no longer accepting applications. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest on new jobs openings.

Production Manager

Posted 21.02.2017:  As the Production Manager, you’ll be responsible for overseeing the lifecycles of multiple new client projects and our development roadmap. Read more.

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