Our VR Tools help business easily communicate, collaborate and co-create.



Our Import Tool enables you to import your data such as CAD files, csv files, text, video and links into the virtual environment to manipulate and edit.



Use the Note Tool to document your thoughts and ideas without leaving the virtual experience.


Collaborate in real time, immersive virtual environment using our Collaborate Tool. Make changes together in a multi-player environment and save your work to export when finished.


As virtual environments enable real-world physics it means our Measurement Tool is ideal for times when you need to know the precise distance between two objects in the physical world.


Save states as you work in the virtual environment and when finished export to share with your team or stakeholders.



The Camera Tools is ideal for those times you want to show your team mates or stakeholders of a change made in the virtual environment.

IBM Watson integration

As an IBM Global Entrepreneur, Snobal is well placed to access the most up to date support and information to integrate our VR Tools with the cognitve computing AI, Watson enabling your business to gain a cognitive computing advantage.

Rich analytics

Our VR Tools enable you obtain rich data on how your users use the virtual environment. Make decisions based on data and gain full visability on your virtual environments.

Multiplayer capability

Our VR Tools enable you to provide multiplayer capability allowing you and your team or stakeholders to work together in the virtual environment.

VR Tools for your market

We are building VR Tools to operate across the following markets:
VR Tools for Engineering & Construction 
VR Tools for Retail 
VR Tools for Real Estate 
VR Tools for Research (in development)
VR Tools for Sports (in development)
VR Tools for Travel (in development)

Don’t see your industry market listed here but would like to know more about what VR Tools are available for your industry market? Connect for a chat below.




Flexible pricing

We don’t follow a one-price-fits-all pricing model for our products but work with you on what VR Tools you need, your business goals, timelines and budget. Contact us to find out more.

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We are on the lookout for future-ready business keen on exploring what VR Tools for their industry sector looks like. If this sounds like you then connect with us for a chat.

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