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Insights to solve real world challenges

Understand environments, data and processes smarter

Creating, delivering and understanding virtual reality and augmented reality environments can be complicated for business. We make it easy.  Use our XR software and solutions for:

XR learn: Create, deliver and analyse immersive learning experiences
XR review: Design collaboration and testing
XR engage: Communicate and test design with customers
XR manage: Use virtual environment as a dashboard for asset planning

XR solutions for diverse industries

We identify & build XR solutions for diverse industries

Snobal’s XR software and solutions helps organisations of all sizes and industries better understand their data, knowledge or processes so that they collaborate more efficiently, communicate more effectively and achieve greater business insight.


Our XR solutions

All XR solutions are built off the same platform (Snobal Cloud) for enhanced business impact and ROI.


XR review

for design testing and collaboration 

Built specifically for designers, engineers and cross functional teams to collaborate and test designs in virtual reality and facilitate a design audit trail.


XR engage

for stakeholder & customer engagement

Built for asset owners operators, stakeholder engagement managers and marketing managers of commercial and residential display homes to facilitate richer and more effective communication of design. 


XR learn

for training, assessment and knowledge transfer

Provide trainees with rich, immersive learning environments. Track and capture trainees knowledge comprehension, cognitive skills as well as decision making under stress skills.


XR manage

for asset planning and maintenance

Use the virtual environment as a dashboard for planning and monitoring to track asset performance for enhanced sustainability and operational efficiency.

Moving work forward

XR solutions built for remote teams

Our platform, Snobal Cloud enables ease of headset management,  virtual experiences management and user management  across diverse geographic locations. Ideal for distributed teams and remote working.


Our innovative clients

Our clients span training companies, executive education, engineering design and construction, government departments, asset owners/operators and management consultancies. They all have one thing in common - the need to design, communicate and manage complex built environments, knowledge and data quickly and easily.

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Customer insights

Our customer use our software and XR solutions to work smarter, power innovation and transform their business and sector.


VicRoads use Snobal for innovation in stakeholder and public engagement activities

“One outcome we are really excited about is the ability to measure the design. We can now access data from people’s interactions in the virtual environment. We can see what they are interacting with, for how long, what they are looking at and even what they like about the design. That’s incredibly valuable and something you can’t get from a fly through, architectural drawing or photo. It really is a game changer in stakeholder engagement.”

— Steph Bortoli, Engagement Manager, VicRoads

XR solution: XR engage


LXRP (WPA) use Snobal to reduce costly design rework & promote safety

“Instead of sifting through printed drawing sets and design mark-ups, engineers can transport themselves to a virtual site, where they can interact with the proposed design as if they were there. Using a range of virtual tools, users can check or test design elements – such as dimensions, lines of sight, and lighting and sound conditions – to help identify potential design gaps and errors prior to construction…while also reducing the costly time spent reworking a design.”


XR solution: XR review

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