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Snobal helps business and teams through providing AI assisted virtual reality and augmented reality (XR) platform with integrated products  to design, communicate, train and maintain complex environments more effectively and more efficiently.


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Suite of AI assisted XR solutions for the built environment life-cycle.

Powerful alone. Even more powerful together.

Snobal - XR review

XR review

Speed up design collaboration, review, testing and reduce rework.

Snobal - XR engage

XR engage

Communicate design faster to end users and measure engagement on design for enhanced outcomes.

Snobal - XR learn

XR learn

Provide immersive, data driven training environments. Ideal for safety related and high consequence training.

Snobal - XR manage

XR manage

Empower FM teams with a virtual dashboard of physical assets for asset planning and monitoring.

Build smarter. Build better.

Our AI assisted XR twin products work across the whole built environment and physical asset life-cycle.

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Snobal - Build smarter. Build better.

Actionable information & insights

All interactions and analytics from the virtual environment are tracked and captured via our cloud based web dashboard for enhanced business intelligence.

Snobal - Actionable information & insights


Our cloud based suite of XR twin products empower teams and business to transform how the built environment and physical assets are designed, delivered and maintained.

Snobal Client

Multi-player: Enables multi-user capability for design, engagement, training and monitoring.

Snobal Client

Easy to use immersive tools: Specially built VR tools to enable ease of interaction of environment by non-technical people.

Snobal Client

Insights dashboard: All user interactions are captured and reported to a web dashboard for 360 visibility on how environments are performing.

Snobal Client

Cloud based: Our AI assisted XR solutions can be freely accessed and used anywhere via Internet.

Snobal Client

Built to scale: Use one solution or all. It's up to you. Our AI assisted XR solutions are built with integration and scale across the organisation in mind.

Snobal Client

Support: When you purchase our solutions full support is provided from solution definition to deployment.

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VicRoads Chose Snobal to innovate its stakeholder and public engagement activities and found it saved time, money and ultimately made the design safer. Order your free copy of Snobal In-depth Client Insights and read about the thinking’s, the learning’s and impact.


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