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Business of all size and industry sectors use Snobal Cloud as their end-to-end virtual workplace and to power their VR/AR experiences enabling their teams and customers to meet, discuss, collaborate, present and learn using the power of VR/AR.








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Built for hybrid and remote working

Why enterprise choose Snobal Cloud as their virtual collaborative workplace and to power their VR/AR experiences across diverse use cases spanning employee experience, customer experience and learning.


Quickly deploy your virtual workplace

Get set up on your virtual workplace in minutes. Choose from two templated environments (reception or amphitheatre) or have your own branded virtual environments. Easily remotely deploy devices and experiences to your team and customers across diverse physical locations.


Easily update media in VR/AR experiences in a no code environment

Use Snobal Cloud to easily manage content in your XR experiences and solutions. Snobal Cloud provides customers with control over:

  • managing VR/AR experiences
  • uploading and changing content including media, text, video
  • manage changes to spoken content (text to speech with live preview)

Access rich analytics on how VR/AR is used

Snobal Cloud provides detailed analysis of how users are experiencing XR solutions and experiences including:

  • insight dashboard
  • overview of how often VR/AR experiences have been used
  • insight on total time spent in VR/AR
  • activity outcomes
  • custom reports with ability to export as a .CSV or choose to integrate with your LMS or CRM system

Use cases

Vic Roads

Use case

Customer engagement

“One outcome we are really excited about is the ability to measure the design. We can now access data from people’s interactions in the virtual environment. We can see what they are interacting with, for how long, what they are looking at and even what they like about the design. That’s incredibly valuable and something you can’t get from a fly through, architectural drawing or photo. It really is a game changer in stakeholder engagement.”

— Steph Bortoli, Engagement Manager, VicRoads


Transurban logo

Use case

Design collaboration

Transurban,  one of the world’s largest toll-road operators with urban toll road networks in Canada, the US and Australia use Snobal Cloud to power the delivery and analysis of its design testing and review of its complex infrastructure, namely the Burnley Tunnel in Melbourne, Victoria where traffic performance is currently below optimal. This included:

  • 3KMs of photorealistic, immersive road tunnel with traffic sims in VR running on Snobal Cloud to measure and benchmark changes to driver behaviour in response to changes in infrastructure design.
  • data ported back from headset to Snobal Cloud included eye tracking and vehicle measurements 

Immersify Sunpower logo

Use case

Workplace training

Sunpower / Immersify use Snobal Cloud to deliver a virtual reality training experience to their employees on how to install solar panels.


Global Management Consultancy
Customer name withheld by request

Use case

Knowledge sharing

This global management consultancy use Snobal Cloud to enhance customer engagement and knowledge sharing in the ‘new normal’. Using Snobal Cloud the customer is able to provide its executive and C-Suite clients with a VR headset, which they can use from the comfort of their home. While immersed in a rich virtual environment reflecting the customers unique brand and story, clients can learn and obtain a great awareness on the customers service, expertise and knowledge offering, thereby speeding up understanding and buy-in.


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