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How organisations are using Snobal

We provide a foundational VR/AR platform that enables organisations to easily deploy, manage and scale their virtual worksplace. Use Snobal to enhance workforce capability and operations.



Don’t want to build VR Apps but want to meet your customers and team in VR for smarter engagement? Use Snobal to easily immerse your team and customers in complex designs and concepts. Speed up understanding and buy-in.


Workplace training

Provide technical or soft skills training and assessment in a more engaging and effective way. Either use Snobal to build, deploy and manage your VR training Apps or engage Snobal to build VR training Apps for you. It’s up to you. Snobal enables you to provide training experiences to trainees across diverse physical locations in the same virtual space.


New hire onboarding

Snobal is been used to speed up new hire onboarding and understanding including providing virtual site inductions, product demonstrations, and presentations. The easy-to-use no code web dashboard enables your team to easily update and manage presentations and media including images, 360 videos that can be delivered immersively.


Product demos

Use Snobal to quickly and easily provide product demonstrations to your customers. Add, update, and scale product demonstrations to your customers and team using the no-code web-based functions and see the impact in real-time in the VR environment. Great for speeding up understanding and sales.



Snobal provides educational organisations with an easy-to-use flexible immersive cloud platform to build, manage and scale their immersive learning experiences.


VR App development

Have a VR app and want to find a scaleable way to deploy and manage it with your customers? Use Snobal as your VR platform of choice.




Device management
Deep linking VR Apps [BETA]
Host a meeting in VR
White labeled option
No code admin dashboard
User management
VR App management
Interactive games
High Visual Quality Rendering
Extensibility via an API and Unity SDK
Speech synthesis
Infinite room
Templated rooms selection



Device agnostic – Android devices



Bespoke App development
Strategic consulting expertise
Onboarding support
Tutorial Videos
Technical support

Why Snobal?

Why organisations choose Snobal as their immersive cloud platform.



Built on AWS, Snobal has been designed for ease of scale of VR Apps and users. Easily update and manage VR Apps or uses on Snobal using the no-code web-based dashboard. Easily update and manage media such as images, 360 videos, and documents in virtual environments. Use the templated virtual environments or rooms provided or build your own. Using Snobal’s SDK organisations can build VR Apps for and on Snobal or engage Snobal to have VR Apps built for you.

Opposite: VicRoads, a government customer use Snobal for design collaboration and review of a complex engineering design.


Easy to use

Snobal has been built to make it easy to use. All elements in your virtual environment can be updated and managed via your no-code web-based dashboard. Simply log in, update content or VR Apps, put on your headset and experience in VR.

Opposite: Transurban, one of the world’s largest toll-road operators use Snobal for user testing.



Snobal has been built with enterprise security in mind. For more information visit the Snobal security centre

Opposite: Immersify use Snobal to provide technical training to their team.



With Snobal, you receive access to template immersive environments that you can use to either present media such as 360 video, images or documents, collaborate or meet. Snobal also lets you use these virtual environments to enable users to launch off to VR apps developed by you, by Snobal, a third party developer of your choice or a mixture of all three. VR Apps on Snobal can be deep-linked with bi-directional data flow. Great for VR for
training use cases.

Opposite: A global consulting firm [name withheld by request] use Snobal for customer engagement and experience.


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