Murray James Snobal CEO

Snobal in 24 seconds (and why a box of cornflakes gets a mention too!)

This week Snobal was awarded a Merit Recipient in the Start Up Company Award Category at Victoria’s 2015 iAwards.  All rather exciting. But...

iAwards 2015 at RMIT

Victoria celebrates ICT excellence and innovation at 2015 iAwards (and Snobal gets a tip of the hat too!)

Last night at a packed gathering in RMIT’s Storey Hall we were surprised, proud and well, a little thrilled to...


Roundtables on Innovation, Disruption and the Power of Platforms

Recently released Navigating Disruption: A report on the 2014 Aspen Institute Roundtable on Institutional Innovation by The Aspen Institute, a...

CupCake ATM

Retail innovation: in-store and online

Most retailers don’t fully understand the role of digital and mobile and how it can facilitate enhanced personal interactions with customers...

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