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We're building a 3D virtual online shopping platform.

A little about...

the platform

Snobal gives you the tools and insights to create real-time, social, 3D shopping experiences. It's like Wordpress but for creating 3D virtual shopping environments.


Build your online 3D environments and experiences including stores, gallery spaces, book-stores, museums etc. 


Add products, payment gateways, shipping details and connect with existing libraries using the easy to use interface, workflows and tools. 


Connect to customers and facilitate social shopping. Drive innovation through collaboration with customers. Use the detailed analytics to monitor how your customers like to shop and connect with your brand. Use the insights to better tailor and grow your business.



Deploy your 3D store environment to the full range of mobile platforms, desktop as well as televisions. 

Plug n'Play
Add products, payment gateways, shipping details and connect with existing libraries using the easy to use interface, workflows and tools.

Open API 
Open API provides developers and businesses with the capabilities to build enhanced applications and services and in doing so identify new and innovative uses for existing data and information.

Detailed Analytics
Obtain detailed analytics on how your customers use your virtual store and how they like to shop for and experience your products and services. 



What people are saying about Virtual Reality & eCommerce

  • “VR [virtual reality] and AR [augmented reality] are exciting — Google Glass coming and going, Facebook’s $2 billion for Oculus, Google’s $542 million into Magic Leap, not to mention Microsoft’s delightful HoloLens...there are amazing early stage platforms and apps, but VR/AR in 2015 feels a bit like the smartphone market before the iPhone. We’re waiting for someone to say ‘One more thing …’ in a way that has everyone thinking ‘so that’s where the market’s going.”
  • "You will soon be able to slip on a Rift and be instantly transported to a mall with a couple of girlfriends to do some clothes shopping. Everything you see is your size, and you can try outfits on an avatar that has your identical proportions. You can match items with an online inventory containing a copy of every item of clothing in your real-world closet. See how the skirt goes with the shoes you picked up last week with a click."
  • "Beyond gaming, VR will be an important platform for streaming content and even shopping. Oculus has already experimented with Story Studio, a platform for VR movie creation. In addition, many consumers claim the VR experience will drive them to shop more online rather than in stores."

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