Why does Snobal not use Oculus headsets?

While Facebook is one of the most prominent global players in virtual reality headset development with its Oculus Quest headset and Oculus for Business deployment platform, Snobal does not use Oculus products or use Oculus for Business deployment platform for government, education or business customers for the following key reasons:

01.Limited worldwide geographical availability and support: Currently support for Oculus for Business is available for limited locations.

If you are not in one of the supported countries (eg Singapore), Oculus for Business is currently not able to provide support at the present time.

Snobal Cloud is available with worldwide geographic availability and support.

02. Data sovereignty: Oculus for Business is built on Facebook Workplace. Business will need to assess privacy and risk requirements around having their data stored on Facebook servers in the US.

Snobal recognises that data residency is an important consideration for government organisations in that business data processed and stored must remain within a specific country’s borders.

Snobal Cloud uses AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure offering over 175 fully featured services from data centers globally.  For example at present, the infrastructure for our Australian clients is hosted in Amazon AWS in Sydney.

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