Getting started on Snobal VR – step by step

Step by Step #

Part 1-1 Pairing Code (On Desktop) #

  • Open the email invite to join the Snobal. Click “Join the platform” in the email.
  • Create a secure password to join or enter your username and password to login.
  • Select Device Management > Devices
  • Add Device
  • Write down the Device Pairing code

Part 1-2 Setup Application (On Desktop) #

  1. Go to Device Management > Applications
  2. Add new Application
  3. Drag in the Sphere (.apk) which has been provided to you by Snobal.
  4. Name the application “Sphere” and fill in the relevant info then Hit save.

Part 1-3 Setup Deployment Profile (On Desktop) #

  1. Go to Device Management > Deployment profiles
  2. Add new Deployment profile
  3. Enter the following and hit save
    • Profile name: Sphere DeployProfile
    • Select application: Sphere
    • Select devices:
    • Autorun application: leave blank

Part 2 Pairing Device (On Device) #

  1. Put on your headset (PICO Neo 3)
  1. Goto Pico’s App Store. (To download app, you need a Pico account).
  2. Hit Search and type in “Snobal”
  3. Select “Snobal” and hit download
Sphere pairing device
  1. Open Snobal admin dashboard
  2. Follow the prompt to enter the Pairing Code (from Part 1-1.5)
  3. After the device has been successfully paired, the system will download Sphere automatically.
Sphere pairing device 2

Part 3-1 Setup an attendee (On Desktop) #

  1. Log into Snobal admin dashboard.
  2. Go to XR Management > Attendees
  3. Hit ‘Add new’
  4. Fill in the relevant info for an Attendee and click ‘Save attendee’.

Part 3-2 Setup a meeting (On Desktop) #

  1. Log into Snobal admin dashboard.
  2. Goto XR Management > Sessions
  3. Click ‘Create new’
  4. Fill in the following:
    • Session Name: First Meeting
    • Location: Any
    • Attendee 1: (see info from Part 3-1)
    • Experience Type: Meeting
    • Experience Name: Snobal Sphere
  5. Click ‘Start’
  6. Then select the device the attendee will be using (created in Part 1-1)

Part 4 Join a meeting (On Headset) #

  1. Put on the headset
  2. Go to App Library and start Sphere App.
  1. In Snobal VR, walk towards the avatar in front.
    1. Touch the console,
    2. Click ‘Begin’
    3. Read and if comfortable accept the End User License Agreement
    4. Select an Avatar
  2. You will immediately be transported to the Snobal Reception Hall.