Glossary of Key Terms

Activity –
An activity is a group of tasks the attendee needs to complete. For example a virtual CPR training experience might contain multiple tasks that need to be completed in order to successfully complete the experience for eg clear the mouth from debris, roll the person onto their side. An Activity generally has a pass or fail. That is, if an attendee fails 50% of the tasks then they fail the activity.

Attendees – Attendees typically do not have access to the Snobal Cloud dashboard. Attendees are experience users. Typically an attendee is an end-user of a virtual experience.

Login – Connecting to Snobal Cloud backend using pairing information. Needs to be called each time VR/AR application starts.

Pairing – The process of assigning a VR/AR Device to Snobal Cloud backend. Typically done only once when installing VR/ AR application via Snobal Cloud deployment.

Session – A session is a collection of attendees with an assigned VR/AR experience or VR meeting. For example, assigning an attendee called James a session to do a virtual CPR training. Or assigning multiple attendees to a meeting.

Task – This is a single thing the attendee is required to do. Generally, a task has a pass or fail. For eg in a virtual CPR training assessment did the attendee check for debris in the mouth before rolling the CPR victim on their side.

Users – People that have access and login to the Snobal Cloud platform.