How do I install Snobal on Pico headset so that only the Snobal app shows in the virtual lobby?

If you have had to do a factory reset on your Pico headset and need to reinstall Snobal firmware follow the instructions below to update the firmware on your Pico headset.

You will need a Micro SD card with at least 2.2GB of space to do so.
Headset will need to be at least 40% charged.

  1. Contact Snobal to get the link to the Snobal Firmware (the file size is about 2.2GB).
  2. Insert Micro SD card into computer (format of SD card must be FAT32).
  3. Create a new folder on Micro SD card called ‘dload’.
  4. Copy the downloaded zipped firmware file into the newly created ‘dload’ folder (Do not unzip the file).
  5. Insert the Micro SD card into the headset.
  6. On the dashboard, go to ‘System Update – Offline Update’
  7. Firmware will update, do not remove the Micro SD card until complete.vv