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Founded by industry veterans

Founded in September 2014 by Murray James and Ann Nolan, Snobal is one of the world’s first players working exclusively in virtual reality (VR) solutions for the built environment.

You’ll find engineering design companies, asset owners, construction companies, infrastructure developers and manufacturers from New Zealand to Singapore and Australia using our suite of artificial intelligence (AI) assisted extended reality (XR) solutions.

In March 2017, Snobal joined the HTC ViveX family of emerging technology companies. Snobal is now supported by a team of highly experienced global mentors, a growing team of partner organisations and an expanding team all intent on pushing the boundaries of virtual reality and its applications for business.

In May 2017 Snobal was invited to join the IBM Global Entrepreneurs program. 

In October 2017 Snobal was profiled as one of the leading Australian technology companies transforming the construction sector in an industry report produced by StartupAus in collaboration with Aconex, Lendlease, EY and the Victorian Government.

Why 'Snobal'?

In May 1984  Jane Snowball, a 72 year old grandmother from Gateshead UK put an order for margarine, cornflakes and eggs through to her local Tesco from her television remote control.

She was part of a local council program – The Gateshead Shopping Experiment – to help the elderly with mobility problems. At the time little did Jane Snowball or indeed Michael Aldrich (creator of the technology through which Ms Snowball placed the order) know that she was to become the first person in the world to make an online shopping order from home.

When we first came across this article we knew we had at last found the inspiration for what to call our little company creating VR Tools for business…albeit with a little hack on the word of course!
We loved how the first online shopping order placed from home had a vision of using emerging technology to make someone’s life easier. To enable an elderly person to purchase their weekly groceries conveniently and easily. And from this a billion dollar industry has been created empowering small businesses to have global reach and impact. It has been truly disruptive.

While not specifically focused on eCommerce per se, Snobal is part of this story that began 31 yrs ago in 1984. It’s about harnessing emerging technology to make better human experiences.
What the next generation brings in terms of the intersection of virtual reality and human experiences remains to be seen. We know though that enabling peope to create and share their ideas and concepts will be a key part of it.

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The company we keep


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Join the journey

If you want to find out more about working at Snobal and joining our journey please view current openings at our career page. Alternatively if you'd like to know more about our solutions you can book a demo here or contact us below.

[Photo: Snobal offices at Collins Square, Melbourne.]

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