Snobal platform and product updates

Our platform and feature updates are guided by customer feedback and requests. Here you will find all the latest updates on Snobal platform and products as well as a sneak peak into future updates too.

Latest updates

Below are the latest updates for Snobal admin dashboard and Snobal VR. Updates to Snobal admin (web dashboard) and Snobal VR can occur at seperate times. To view specific updates related to Snobal platform admin dashboard, Snobal VR, Snobal APK and Snobal SDK please visit the links opposite.

Snobal admin: minor update


Release: Snobal admin 5.28.5
Minor enhancements on VR App reporting facility.


Snobal admin: minor update


Release: Snobal admin 5.28.4
Updated application reports features to support raw data download and anonymous participant entries.

Snobal admin: minor update


Release: Snobal admin 5.28.3
This release focused on a Selfie screenshots feature enabling users to take a selfie in VR and have it appear on their web dashboard for download. Also included enhancements to file upload, download feature for specific customer use case and a some UI enhancements.

Snobal VR: update


Release: Snobal VR Ver 1.00.2964

  • Ability for users to create own avatar using RPM platform on Snobal web dashboard.

Snobal admin: update


Release: Snobal admin 5.28.2

This release focused on few UI/UX updates on RPM avatarUrl, app delete validation and information tooltips.

Snobal admin: minor update


Release: Snobal admin 5.28.1

This release focused on few enhanced features and platform loading optimization.

Snobal admin: minor update


Release: Snobal admin 5.27.3
This release addresses multiple media assets display support in presentation and other few updates and bug fixes.

Snobal VR: minor update


Release: Snobal VR Ver 1.00.2789
This release includes:

Added environment tinting
Appearance enhancements to Lobby environment
Can show 3D models in presentations

Snobal VR: minor update


Release: Snobal VR Ver 1.00.2789
This release includes:

Camera tool upload finished. Images are now transferred from the HMD to tenant site
Revamped 3D scale/rotation tool
Addition of a generic Lobby environment

Snobal admin: minor update


Release: Snobal admin 5.27.2
This release addresses small bug/styling fixes for presentation page and rooms page on dashboard.

Snobal admin: minor update


Release: Snobal admin 5.27.1

This release is to address minor changes in the platform.

Snobal VR: minor update


Release: Snobal VR Ver 1.00.2649

Ability for a user to select background music in virtual rooms
Tool tips added. Hover over the ? for 1 second to see the help text appear
Camera tool UI (Takes photos and saves to local HMD, next part is to upload these photos to the tenant site)

Snobal admin: major update


Release: Snobal admin 5.26.2
Changes to the platform includiung: Cypress test investigation; fix delete device feature; update dashboard to remove environment and rename experiences; create new drop down change and lambda function to link with mediaconvert

Snobal VR: update


Release: Snobal VR Ver 1.00.2489

Updated Pico SDK. Required for Pico 4. Done for both for Snobal VR & Snobal Deploy.
Updated Unity Version

Snobal VR : minor update


Release: Snobal VR 2022 Ver 1.00.2363

Changed UX in activity environment to the Trigger button instead of a hover.

Snobal VR : minor update


Release: Snobal VR 2022 Ver 1.00.2347

New look activity room added
New game zone setup – instructions & switching current game
Web browser URL sharing. Built for a third party [namne witheld] integration, but useful for sharing any web browser in the VR environment
Add a Mirror in the connect room so users can see the Selected Avatar
Game 4: Good progress – Should be ready for next sprint.


Snobal VR : minor update


Release: Snobal VR 2022 Ver 1.00.2206

This minor release includes improvements to Snobal VR including games refinement and UI enhancements: interactable objects in Reception Hall – 2 Rubik cubes added; first pass third party software integration (name withheld) and “Mute” all SFX’s from the muted person.

Snobal admin: minor update


Release: Snobal admin 5.25.2
This release is to add a user onboarding software to the Snobal platform.

Snobal VR : minor update


Release: Snobal VR 2022 Ver 1.00.2109

This minor release includes improvements to Snobal VR including adding new games for team building and ice breaker activities.

Snobal admin: minor update


Release: Snobal admin 5.26.1
This release is to update AWS serverless API and reporting page.

Snobal VR : minor update


Release: Snobal VR 2022  Ver 1.00.1993

This minor release includes improvements to Snobal VR and to make it ready for Pico 480 OS

Snobal VR : minor update


Release: Snobal VR 2022 Ver 1.00.1922
This minor release adds a new feature and includes improvements to Snobal VR such as adding a ball game tool and updating the confetti gun used for team building and ice breaker activities.

Release: Snobal VR 2022 Ver 1.00.1922

Snobal VR: Major update


Release 5.25.1
This release adds a number of new features to the platform including adding an embedded web browser, improving the tool belt layout with a new curved design and adding a new Microphone tool which prevents the holder’s voice from falling off with distance.

Snobal admin: Minor update


Release 5.25.1
This release is to reorganize old platform UI on the Snobal web dashboard so it is easier for users to:
– learn about the growing library of virtual rooms available on Snobal
– find out how to host a meeting in VR
– learn how to add and update content such as text, video 360 video and images to presentations in VR

Update details
Reorganization of the platform UI.

Snobal admin: Minor update


Release 5.24.4
This is a minor release to update the platform password length.

Update details
The minimum platform password length has been increased to 12 characters.

Snobal admin: Minor update


Release 5.24.3
This release is a minor release addressing resolution changes.

Update details
Addressed issue where the user adjusts the display to lower resolution or optimal resolution on Snobal admin platform the menu failed to adjust accordingly. 

Snobal admin: Minor update


Release 5.24.2
This release is a minor release addressing the fixes for media upload functionality on the dashboard.

Update details

Validating Upload file format in the front-end of platform dashboard
Blocking invalid file uploading from the backend

Snobal Cloud: Minor update


Snobal Cloud 5.24.1 Release
User upload of 3D models in GLTF and GLB file format 

Update details

Snobal Cloud platform now allows users to upload 3D models in GLTF and GLB file format.
Cross Site Scripting fixes

Snobal Cloud: Minor update


Release Snobal Cloud 2022 5.23.8
A minor release containing a fix for password reset in production as well as a more robust reporting fix.

Update details

Password bug fix and more robust reporting.

Snobal Cloud: Minor update


Release Snobal Cloud 2021 5.23.7

A minor release containing backend reporting enhancements

Update details

Enhancement of backend reporting

Snobal Cloud : Minor update


Release: Snobal Cloud 2021 5.23.6

Update details:

Add a new API call to list all activities and the tasks
Add a new API call to list all presentations
Add all participants (users) to session data

Snobal Cloud SDK: Enhancements


Release: SnobalCloud SDK1.0.4 unitypackage

Update details:

Added a help page.
Added sessions on demand which includes ValidatePasscode, GetAvailableExperiences, and CreateSession

Snobal Cloud SDK: Enhancements and bug fixing


Release: SnobalCloud SDK1.0.3 unitypackage

Update details:

  • Bug fix. Copying the Snobal Cloud APK settings into the application’s persistent data path wasn’t working.
  • Results in the app running & not being paired even though it was installed via the Snobal Cloud APK.
  • Bug fix. Crash on shutdown. – Added version number into sample scene.
  • Made changes to enable sample scene to be run on a standalone PC build.
  • Added console output into the sample scene.
  • Added compatibility with the Pico Neo 3

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