Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a digital replica of a physical asset or environment. Typically it includes a model of the physical asset or environment, data from the asset or environment obtained via instrumented environments and the ability to monitor the asset without having to be physically there.

What is an XR Twin?

The XR Twin is Snobal's take on the Digital Twin. The XR Twin provides a core platform on which are built a suite of integrated solutions for the development, delivery and maintenance of the built environment and physical assets. The suite of solutions cover design review and collaboration; stakeholder engagement and monitoring.

Who is XR learn built for?

Designed with learning for high consequence environments in mind.

Who is the XR review built for?

XR review is built for engineers, designers and technical teams wanting to collaborate on design and undertake design reviews.
REVIEW plays nicely with common planning and design inputs and data sets such as Autodesk products.

Who is the XR engage built for?

XR engage was built for those wanting to collaborate and test design concepts with end users (for e.g public engagement). XR engage enables measured end user testing and engagement. 

Who is the XR manage built for?

XR manage was built for built environment and physical asset owners to provide a more intuitive and 360 visibility on assets. Access relevant asset information on demand within the virtual environment and relevant data for example Piping & Instrumentation.