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Company overview

Snobal was founded in 2014 with a vision of making it easy for businesses to use virtual reality and augmented reality (XR) to solve mission critical problems. We are the creators of market leading enterprise friendly XR engine, Snobal Cloud.

With operations in Melbourne and Singapore we work with global customers spanning education, training, hospitals and healthcare, infrastructure and VR/AR enterprise content creators wanting to easily scale their VR/AR solutions.

Making XR easy for business

Introducing Snobal Cloud, the market leading, enterprise friendly XR engine.

Who we are

Snobal was founded in 2014 by Murray James and Ann Nolan, two seasoned entrepreneurs who had a singular vision. To make it easy for organisations and business to use XR to solve mission critical issues. To be able to work smarter, learn quicker and collaborate better using the power of virtual reality and augmented reality (XR).

Snobal is one of the world’s earliest technology companies working exclusively in virtual reality for business.

In 2017 Snobal was profiled as one of the leading Australian technology companies transforming the construction sector in an industry report produced by StartupAus in collaboration with Aconex, Lendlease, EY and the Victorian Government.

Today, Snobal’s XR platform and software solutions are being used across diverse sectors from manufacturing, healthcare, education, training, telecommunication and infrastructure.

The company has a fast growing team across operations in Melbourne and Singapore.

What’s in a name: Find out more about the inspiration behind the name Snobal.

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Our values

Our values are our compass pts. You could say they are our ‘north star’ and guide us in how we approach growth, the market we operate in and the world we live in.

Impactful: We seek to make an impact and be a force for good.

Playful: We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Honest: We do what we say, we say what we do.

Collaborative: We achieve more together.

Our Hardware Partners

We work with some of the biggest names in virtual reality and augmented reality hardware.

Our innovative customers

Our customers span diverse industries and markets. They all have two things in common - the appetite to transform their business and the drive to improve how they work in these changed times.


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