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Snobal was founded in 2014 with a vision to provide organisations with an easy to use enterprise virtual workplace from anywhere enabling it to be used everyday as we shift how we work and learn.

About us

Snobal was founded in 2014 by Murray James and Ann Nolan, who had a singular vision. To make it easy for organisations to use VR/AR to solve mission-critical issues. To be able to work smarter, learn quicker, and collaborate better using the power of virtual reality and augmented reality (XR). Snobal is one of the world’s earliest technology companies working exclusively in virtual reality for business. Today, Snobal’s virtual workplace platform is being used across diverse sectors from manufacturing, healthcare, education, training, telecommunication, and infrastructure.

What’s in a name? Find out more about the inspiration behind the name Snobal.

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Our values

Our values are our compass pts. You could say they are our ‘north star’ and guide us in how we approach growth, the market we operate in and the world we live in.

Impactful: We seek to make an impact and be a force for good.

Playful: We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Honest: We do what we say, we say what we do.

Collaborative: We achieve more together.

Our Hardware Partners

We work with some of the biggest names in virtual reality and augmented reality hardware.

Our innovative customers

Our customers span diverse industries and markets. They all have two things in common - the appetite to transform their business and the drive to improve how they work in these changed times.



When was Snobal founded?

Snobal founders Ann Nolan and Murray James officially founded the company in 2014. From the outset, their focus was VR/AR for businesses namely how to make it super easy for businesses to use VR/AR to solve mission-critical issues.

In the new normal and with the growth of remote and hybrid working their technology has achieved even more market resonance. Now the company’s VR/AR platform is used by some of the world’s leading companies as we shift how we work and learn.

What does Snobal do?

Snobal is a market-proven, proprietary end-to-end enterprise-grade metaverse platform that makes it easy for organizations to use VR/AR for collaboration, training, hiring, sales, and team meetings. It is a cross-platform, metaverse solution built for business and education.

Where are Snobal's team members based?

Since March 2020 Snobal is a remote-first company (yes, we believe in drinking our own champagne!) and has team members from around the world.

Where is Snobal headquartered?

Currently, Snobal is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

Where can I read Snobal's investor deck / information memorandum?

You can request a copy of the information deck below.

Do I need to purchase headsets to use Snobal's products?

It depends. All Snobal products are shipped with specified VR head mounted displays (headset) depending on the use case or business application.
The development of headsets is occurring at a rapid pace. While Snobal is headset agnostic (compatible with Android and Windowns headsets) at the moment Snobal typically works with Pico headsets/devices. 
If you have a Pico Neo 3 headset / device you can start using Snobal without needing to purchase a headset.

What headsets are compatible with the platform?

Snobal is headset agnostic meaning devices that are Android or WinMR based are compatible.

What are the pricing details?

Pricing for Snobal can vary depending on whether customers also require assistance with VR/AR experience development, bespoke template environment development and/or API integration, etc.

Is Snobal's platform used by a specific industry or sector?

The platform is used by diverse sectors and industries with use cases predominantly around employee and customer collaboration, training, hiring, sales, and team meetings. 

Who are Snobal's customers?

Customers span diverse sectors and industries eg. professional services firm and management consultancies, hospitals and healthcare, educational organisations, engineering and construction, energy and utilities, and defense.

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