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Snobal makes it easy for enterprise to use VR/AR

- Built for business
- Deploy VR/AR experiences and solutions for diverse use cases
- Update media in VR/AR experiences with one click - no technical skills needed.


Snobal is an enterprise first approach to VR/AR management & scaling


Quickly deploy VR/AR experiences

Easily deploy and managing VR/AR experiences across the organisations regardless of users physical location.
Add users and change user permission with one click.
Have a device that is gone missing? Easy lock off the device and ensure no one can access it.


Easily update VR/AR experiences. No technical skills needed.

Use Snobal to easily update media (images, videos, 3F files, animations) in your VR/AR experiences. Snobal gives customers control over:

  • adding and editing media in VR/AR experiences for eg update presentations and videos in the VR environment
  • manage changes to spoken content (text to speech with live preview). Great for presenting VR/AR experiences in diverse languages.

Access rich analytics on how VR/AR experiences are used

Snobal provides detailed analysis of how users are experiencing XR solutions and experiences including:

  • insight dashboard
  • overview of how often virtual experiences have been used
  • insight on the total time spent in a virtual experience
  • activity outcomes
  • custom reports with the ability to export as a .CSV or choose to integrate with your LMS or CRM system

Platform features

Cloud based
XR specific
Headset agnostic
Worldwide availability
Data sovereignty
Multiple user types
Insight dashboard
Deploy external content
Generate custom reports
Windows/Android devices
Enterprise-grade security
Regular updates
Language support
CRM/LMS integration
Third party content

How Snobal works

We've built Snobal with business in mind. It's easy to use and your VR/AR experiences can be updated by non technical team members quickly.


Accept invitation to the platform

Getting started with Snobal is simple. We’ll send you an invitation via email and you’ll be required to create a password. From here you’ll be able to start exploring the platform.


Add devices (headsets)

Use the device management section to add your headset, generate a pairing token and securely pair (associate) your headset with the platform. All headsets are supported and through our partnership with hardware providers, we can ship headsets directly to you!


Add end users

Next, add your users to the platform. Allocate role based permissions, group users by type and configure administrators. Once users have been added you can deliver and analyse their experience.


Configure a session

Session management brings it all together. Select a user, select a headset, select the experience you’d like them to have. Schedule delivery ahead of time or give your end users the flexibility to start a session on demand. All they’ll need is their unique passcode to identify themselves.


Complete an experience

All that’s left to do is complete the experience. Pop the headset on and enter the virtual environment!


Analyse experience

Snobal allows the analysis of what is occurring in XR. See who is doing what, what the outcome of any activity based experience was and generate custom reports. Of course, export data to a .CSV file or integrate with your LMS and CRM systems.

Get inspired

Davey Water Products

Use case

VR solution for:

Customer engagement

COVID19 has made it more challenging to engage with customers in rich and cost effective ways. Snobal makes it easy. Find out how we provided Davey Water Products, a market leader for the manufacture and distribution of a range of water products, with a virtual showroom that was convenient, cost effective and engaging.


Vic Roads

Use case

VR solution for:

Stakeholder engagement
Virtual traffic safety design and audit

“One outcome we are really excited about is the ability to measure the design. We can now access data from people’s interactions in the virtual environment. We can see what they are interacting with, for how long, what they are looking at and even what they like about the design. That’s incredibly valuable and something you can’t get from a fly-through, architectural drawing or photo. It really is a game-changer in stakeholder engagement.”

— Steph Bortoli, Engagement Manager, VicRoads


Transurban logo

Use case

VR solution for:

Design testing for tunnel infrastructure namely Burnley Tunnel

Transurban,  one of the world’s largest toll-road operators with urban toll road networks in Canada, the US and Australia use Snobal to power the delivery and analysis of its design testing and review of its complex infrastructure, namely the Burnley Tunnel in Melbourne, Victoria where traffic performance is currently below optimal. This included:

  • an agile virtual reality simulation of the Burnley Tunnel with the ability to vary and test the location/type/properties of the existing or newly proposed auxiliary infrastructure; 
  • 3KMs of photorealistic, immersive road tunnel with traffic sims in VR running on Snobal to measure and benchmark changes to driver behaviour in response to changes in infrastructure design.
  • data ported back from headset to Snobal included eye-tracking and vehicle measurements 

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