SnoLab for Training

We build powerful AI assisted VR software to enable you provide teams and partners with interactive immersive training and learning experiences. 

Our powerful software combined with technical support and strategic services will help future proof your organisations training.


Learn by doing

SnoLab is a software solution enabling the provision of immersive, interactive training experiences for your trainees.

Use SnoLab to develop trainees perceptual expertise, perceptuo-motor skills and cognitive skills such as problem-solving and decision-making under stress without exposing them or others to unacceptable risks.



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Why virtual training?


Offer trainees multi-sensory learning with ability to provide highly sensory experiences for users including visual, auditory and tactile.

   High risk 

Enables creation of scenarios that would be impossible, unsafe or too costly to replicate in the physical world.


Enables connecting with remote trainees via multi-user VR environments.


Enable trainees to feel “present” in a situation. Research shows this can dramatically improve learning outcomes.

   Inaccessible environments

Facilitates familiarization of inaccessible environments.

   Novice trainees

Create opportunity for novice trainees to engage unsupervised in a safe environment when the real environment might be dangerous.

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