Introducing Snobal Cloud

A cloud based enterprise friendly XR deployment platform

We create and build XR software and solutions to communicate and understand data and processes better. All XR solutions are built on our cloud based XR deployment platform, Snobal Cloud. Snobal Cloud enables organisations to easily deliver, analyse and manage their virtual environment or experiences.

Snobal Cloud Device Management

Customer control

Snobal Cloud is our cloud based enterprise friendly XR deployment platform. Providing customers with control over:

  • manage devices (headsets)
  • control user access and permissions
  • manage XR experiences / environments
  • upload content
  • customise insight dashboard
  • decide what XR content to deliver and to whom
  • access inisight dashboard for analysis of XR experiences

Key functionality of Snobal Cloud


User management

Clients have complete control over user access on system:

  • role based access to features
  • configure administrator users
  • invite users with welcome email
  • forgot password access
  • suspend or delete users

Session management

Clients manage, deliver and analyse XR experiences:

  • configure sessions in advance
  • track ‘visitors’ who are not users
  • select the language for each user

Device management

Clients have complete control over the XR devices accessing their system:

  • download device software
  • add/suspend/delete devices from Snobal Cloud
  • obtain pairing code for simple, secure device access to Snobal Cloud

Key features of Snobal Cloud


Multi-user capabilities including remote user login. Enabling collaboration via diverse physical sites.

Integrated XR products

All XR products are based on Snobal Cloud enabling ease of use, deployment and maintenance.

Insights dashboard

Insights from virtual environment are tracked, captured and reported to a web dashboard for enhanced visibility on how virtual environments are being used.

Cloud based

All XR products are cloud hosted and can be freely accessed and used anywhere via the internet. 

Built to scale

Snobal Cloud makes scaling our XR products across your organisation hassle free. Ideal for distributed teams working at diverse physical locations.


We provide technical support and strategic expertise to enable clients get the most out of their solution and our XR products.

Photorealisitc or conceptual experiences

All XR products built on Snobal Cloud can be provided as conceptual or photo-realistic virtual environments. It’s up to you.


Our XR products are integrated and based off Snobal Cloud enabling aggregation of insights across the different XR products and / or virtual environments or experiences.

Integrated XR solutions based on our deployment and insight platform, Snobal Cloud


XR review

Reduce rework.
Speed up design collaboration.

Intuitive, easy to use cloud based XR software solution built specifically for designers, engineers and cross functional teams to review and test design in immersive, interactive VR. Facilitates a design audit trail, enables workflow efficiencies and provides workplace productivity enhancements.

Integrates with BIM

Import and view native standard BIM project metadata into immersive environments.

Easy to use tools

Access a range of tools to easily interact and collaborate in the virtual environment including: measurement tool; day/night settings; annotate feature.


XR engage

Speed up understanding and test designs with end users

An XR solution built specifically for to provide stakeholders, the community and customers with an immersive experience of a design. Achieve better design outcomes through easily tracking and capturing user sentiment on design and testing designs with end users.

Test and measure end users sentiment on design
Real time feedback


XR learn

Deliver measured virtual learning experiences

Built specifically to enable business provide clients and teams with rich, immersive learning experiences. Track and capture all trainee interactions in the virtual environment and use to track training performance, outcomes and quality.

Access rich trainee insights

Perfect for knowledge assessments and provision of blended learning experiences.

Standardisation of learner experience

Ensure all trainees receive the same, standardised learning experience.


Deliver immersive training and assessment environments from the comfort of your worksite or clients worksite.

Cost effective

Minimise downtime and training costs with learners not having to travel offsite to access training or knowledge assessment.


XR manage

An immersive dashboard for asset planning and monitoring

A cloud based XR software solution built for asset owners, operators and managers. Use the virtual environment as a dashboard to track asset performance for enhanced sustainability and operational efficiency .

Insights dashboard
360 view on data

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