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Here you will find all the latest releases and changes on our XR solutions and software as well as a sneak peak into future updates too.


Add own images & videos (including translated versions) for use in XR experiences

28 May 2020

Today we released Snobal Cloud 2020.5.6 which adds media management support so customers can manage images & videos for use in XR experiences. Customers can also add a translated version of the media to support multilingual XR experiences. Ideal for customers to edit content and enable accessibility within XR experiences used for stakeholder engagement and public engagement (XR engage) or for immersive learning (XR learn).

We’ve also added a feature to better support android experiences.

Report and record telemetry information and support for offline experiences

22 April 2020

We’ve released Snobal Cloud 2020.5.5 including supporting a fix for enabling offline experiences meaning you don’t need to be connected to the Internet to run a virtual experience.

Also released a feature to report and record vehicle telemetry information in the virtual environent and report data back to Snobal Cloud. Ideal for road safety testing for example.

Real time outcome reporting from XR experiences

30 March 2020

The release of Snobal Cloud 2020.5.4 with outcome reporting means that the outcome of a users activities or interactions in the virtual environment are reported in real time to a web based dashboard for analysis. Ideal for tracking and understanding how a user (or trainee for example) is interacting and performing  in a virtual environment.

System and device management and reporting

Feb 2020

This a major release of Snobal Cloud. Snobal Cloud 2020.5.3 enables reporting on activity over time on a specific customer’s system. Activity reported includes:

-Number of users/visitors per day
-Number of XR experiences delivered
-Type & duration of experiences

Snobal Cloud 2020.5.3 also monitors and reports on device (headset) usage including: Snobal XR version,computer identifier, device model,device firmware version, device last seen, device active / inactive and last used controllers.

Session management providing control of delivery of XR experiences

Jan 2020

Snobal Cloud 2020.5.2 is a major update on Snobal Cloud. It provides session management capability for customers enabling control of delivery of XR experiences to users. With this release customers can:
– Manage Snobal Cloud users (for eg. provide varying access to different staff)
– Manage vistors enrolled on Snobal Cloud
– Track and capture individual users XR experience interactions and activites.
– Configure sessions ahead of time and assign appropriate XR experiences to each user.


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