XR Twin for learning

XR learn

Immersive, measurable learning environments

Easy to use enterprise grade XR Twin solution built specifically for providing high consequence training and learning experiences. Provide trainees with highly realistic but measured learning environments to improve decision making under stress.

Alternative Text

Realistic environments

Leverage 'presence' (belief that you are in a real world) offered by VR to simulate learning environments that develop trainees perceptual expertise, perceptuo-motor skills, and cognitive skills such as problem-solving, and decision-making under stress

Trainee insights

Understand and report on trainee interaction and learning outcomes when in a virtual environment through voice capture and tonal analysis

High consequence

Create highly realistic, controlled and safe training environments for training scenarios that are difficult or costly to replicate

Cloud based

Cloud based solution enabling access from anywhere there is internet access.

Client insight

Australian Maritime Search is Australia's leading provider of training, research and consultancy. Snobal developed a 3D e-Learning application for AMC Search training program - contribute to safe cargo operations on offshore support vessels which was the first Australian accredited 3D online interactive training program.

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