XR manage

An immersive dashboard for
asset planning & monitoring

A cloud based XR Twin solution built for physical asset owners and managers.Track asset performance for enhanced sustainability and operational efficiency .

Alternative Text

360 view on data

Enables real-time, bidirectional data feeds from within the virtual environment and external data sets (for eg. flood modelling).

Virtual dashboard

Empowers enhanced understanding of built environment and physical assets through accessing and visualizing sensors data via a single immersive virtual dashboard.


Use to understand and manage energy use and built environment asset performance to ensure asset or environment operates effectively.

Cloud based

Cloud based solution enabling access from anywhere there is internet access.

Client insight

Snobal, identified as a leader in XR by one of Australia's largest energy infrastructure companies is currently engaged preparing a Proof of Concept to demonstrate the value of and potential applications of applying AI assisted XR to asset management and design review.

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