XR Twin for Design Review

XR review

Reduce rework.
Speed up design collaboration.

Intuitive, easy to use cloud based XR Twin solution built specifically for designers, engineers and cross functional teams to collaborate and test designs in VR and facilitate a design audit trail.

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Integrates with BIM

Import and view native standard BIM project metadata into immersive environments.

Easy to use tools

Access a range of tools to easily interact and collaborate in the virtual environment including: measurement tool; day/night settings; annotate feature.

Multi-user capability

Easy to use multi-user capabilities including remote user login. enabling design collaboration via diverse physical sites.

Cloud based

Cloud based solution enabling access from anywhere there is internet access.

Client insight

“With Snobal’s software we were able to easily place our engineers and client in design concepts. We could import files, take measurements, simulate weather settings, take photos and video all from within the virtual Hoddle Street environment. We also did not need technical VR experience to use  the software or make edits in the environment, which has obvious benefits in terms of time and cost savings."

Daniel Gregor, Manager Transport Advisory, Leader Strategy & Growth, SMEC

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