XR Twin for Stakeholder Engagement

XR engage

Speed up understanding.
Achieve better design outcomes.

An XR Twin solution built for stakeholder engagement managers to provide end users with an immersive experience of a design and to design with not for end users. Achieve better design outcomes and easily track and capture user sentiment in a virtual environment.

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Measured user engagement

Gain insight on user sentiment expressed while in the virtual environment through leveraging AI. Use data to inform design elements users like or don't like and use to inform better design outcomes.


All user interactions in the virtual environment (for e.g what users are interacting with and for how long) are tracked and captured and reported to a dashboard providing insight into how designs are being used for better design outcomes.


Easy to use multi-user capabilities including remote user login. enabling design collaboration via diverse physical sites.

Cloud based

Cloud based solution enabling access from anywhere there is internet access.

Client insight

“One outcome we are really excited about is the ability to measure the design. We can now access data from people’s interactions in the virtual environment. We can see what they are interacting with, for how long, what they are looking at and even what they like and don’t like about the design. That’s incredibly valuable and something you can’t get from a fly through, architectural drawing or photo. It really is a game changer in stakeholder engagement,’"

Steph Bortoli,  Engagement Manager, VicRoads

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