A spatial insight platform and integrated XR products built for business.

Why XR?

Why try to get people on the same page when you can put them in the same (virtual) space and capture and measure all interactions?
Our suite of integrated XR products enable the provision of a digital replica or twin of complex built environment or data.
Use for more efficient design review and testing, measured stakeholder and public engagement, enriched training and assessment and more effective asset planning and maintenance. Use one or all of the XR products, it’s up to you.

Our thinking

As humans we are biologically primed to make sense of the world in 3D, yet so much of what we do in designing, communicating and understanding complex built environments and data is communicate those ideas and designs via images, flythroughs, video, 2D drawings, spreadsheets and text, which often require technical knowledge to understand.

It makes no sense.

It especially makes no sense with the availability of spatial computing (virtual reality and augmented reality) and now with Snobal’s cloud based platform and XR product the ease of creating, delivering and manging virtual environments.

Did you know? Rework in infrastructure development occurs at the design and construction phase and has massive cost implications for all involved in the project. It leads to unnecessary additional effort, impacts quality and has additional safety implications in conducting any onsite reworks.The direct costs alone can often come to 5% of total construction, which is significant on a $5.5 billion dollar project. This can lead to confusion and misconceptions especially when communicating designs to colleagues, designs to the community, sharing  knowledge with trainees and managing complex environments.

Want to find out more how our platform and XR product can help you communicate, understand and manage your complex environment and data better? Talk to us.

How we work

Solutions that best meet your business need and requirements

1. Define

Our development team work with you to identify and define the solution – XR product(s) and insight required – that best fit your business needs and requirements.

2. Develop

We work in an iterative and highly collaborative manner with clients providing scope to enhance understanding of the business impact and workflow efficiencies of using a spatial insight platform.

3. Test

We rigorously test to ensure product features and functionality behave as expected and that the platform is reporting insights required for your business.

4. Deploy

All XR products are built on our cloud based proprietary spatial insight  platform (Snobal Cloud) enabling access and updates wherever there is an internet connection. We deploy the XR product(s) providing support and training to your team as required. 

5. Maintain

We provide ongoing support, maintenance and updates to the XR product(s) through our license fee.

6. Scale

We provide support for all XR products and additional technical expertise as needed to scale the product(s) across your business for maximum impact.

Need help with the terminology?

What is a digital twin?

A digital twin is a digital replica of a physical asset, environment or process. Typically it includes a model of the physical asset, process or environment, data from the asset or environment obtained via instrumented environments and the ability to monitor the asset without having to be physically there.

What is XR?

XR is a collective term representing virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR).

What is an XR Twin?

XR Twin is Snobal’s unique take on the concept of a digital twin.

The XR Twin provides a platform and suite of integrated products for the development, delivery and maintenance of the built environment and physical assets. The suite of solutions cover design review and collaboration; stakeholder engagement and monitoring.

Do I need to purchase VR headsets?

All Snobal products are shipped with specified VR head mounted displays (VR HMD’s). The development of VR HMD’s is occurring at a rapid pace. This means the exact VR HMD specified will depend on the XR product and solution requirements. At this moment in time Snobal typically works with HTC Vive Pro Eye, Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S. 

Where is Snobal's platform (Snobal Cloud) hosted?

Snobal’s spatial insight platform (Snobal Cloud) is wholly cloud-hosted. Cloud hosting makes applications like all our products accessible online ensuring greater flexibility and scalability.

How frequently is the Snobal platform updated?

Snobal Cloud is updated as frequently as required or as updates are identified and enacted.  

Ready? Let's make magic!