Smart facilities Management software


3DFM is a virtual, interactive asset and facilities management platform for businesses and enterprise. It enables physical assets, for example plant and staff, to be viewed and reported from real-time via an intuitive 3D user interface.

Key features

Proactive asset managementHuman resource managementDetailed analyticsPortable
3DFM enables you to monitor pro-actively  the process of deploying, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of physical assets cost-effectively. Use it to check which of your systems are energy intensive and need reviewing and possibly responding to. 3DFM puts the tools at your finger tips to service your building and assets – your way in your time.
3DFM enables you to locate individual staff within a large facility.  Great for safety monitoring purposes  in terms of knowing exactly where individual staff are on site. Also ideal for payroll monitoring when working with large numbers of staff across multiple and complex site. Designed for airports, factories, shopping complexes or mining companies. The ability to integrate with your payroll also enables you to meet corporate and financial reporting requirements. 
With data delivered to your mobile or tablet in real-time, 3DFM enables you to undertake cloud monitoring of your assets with automated alerts when repairs or malfunctions occurs. 
Deploy your 3D store environment to the full range of mobile platforms, desktop as well as televisions.Running on WebGL, 3DFM enables 3D interactive 3D content with any compatible browser including Safari, Firefox and Chrome and requires no custom plug-ins. The technology also allows extension to the new range of Samsung TV’s , Google Play and Chromecast systems.

Who might use 3DFM?

Mining Transport & Equipment Large venues including airports and shopping centres

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