A new standard for building products and places

Our artificial intelligence assisted virtual reality solutions and tools are changing how places and products are designed, communicated and understood.


With our suite of solutions and tools you can achieve:

  • faster design collaboration and testing with cross functional team members, partners, stakeholders and end-users;

  • richer stakeholders and customer communication for engagement success;

  • smarter and evidence based decisions on assets and facilities for operational efficiency and effective planning.


We build solutions for these industries

Smart cities & Infrastructure

Sales & Marketing

Manufacturing & Industry 4.0

Intelligent solutions for future focused businesses

Jaw dropping, awesome looking VR  environments and experiences are important. To us that’s a given in all the work we do. We believe what is equally important is developing solutions in collaboration with our customers that grows with them and that empower’s them design, communicate and understand their places and products. 

What our customers say about us

  • “Snobal’s technology has been influential in the road and urban design outcomes. Their virtual reality technology has potentially huge impacts in terms of helping avoid rework and errors through the ability to make data driven decisions faster and more often. Their technology  provide the  ability to deepen relationships with communities and enrich their understanding of complex designs before they are physically built.  We’re really excited about its application and the potential it enables”.
    Daniel Gregor, SMECDaniel Gregor, SMECManager, Transport Engineering Consulting Services, SMEC
  • “Snobal represents the future - smart technology with human potential. If you are looking for commercial or social breakthrough then Snobal is a must to work with for you.”
    Nicholas GeorgesNicholas GeorgesDirector Monash University Food and Agriculture Innovation
  • ”Being able to get people into a virtual experience and to have them experience a product is great. But being able to do things you can’t do in the real world is where VR has the potential to really shine. Things such as exploding products where you can pull apart the product, see how it works is all something you can’t practically do in the real world with a customer”.
    Joel GreshamJoel GreshamGeneral Manager of Innovation, Davey Water Products

Bespoke advanced solutions for large business

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The company we keep

We’re backed, supported and have partnered with some of the world’s largest players in technology and virtual reality hardware development.

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