VR Tools to build things better.




Better collaboration


Import your data into the virtual environment to edit, collaborate and share.


Make changes together in a multi-player environment and save work to export when finished.


Save as you work. When finished export to share with team members.


Document your thoughts and ideas without leaving the virtual experience.


Measure the precise distance between two objects in the physical world – but in virtual reality.


Ideal for times you need to show your team a change made in the virtual environment.

Better testing


Build better designs through enabling stakeholders to interact with your designs and quickly identify matters of interest and concern. Use to improve your overall design and outcomes.

  Engagement Slider

Build better stakeholder relationships through enabling your stakeholders to tell you what they think about your design via the Engagement Slider. Reveal critical information vital to your design before your design is physically built.

Better design

IBM Watson integration

Our VR Tools integration with IBM Watson provides detailed analytics on how users interact with your designs enabling your business gain a computing advantage.

Rich analytics

Our VR Tools provide rich data on how users use your design and how it makes them feel. Make decisions based on data not just instinct and gain full visability on design.

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