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We're Snobal, an emerging technology company. We build artificial intelligence boosted virtual reality solutions for the built environment including manufacturing. Our licensable software solutions are changing how places  are designed, communicated and understood.


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  • "One outcome we are really excited about is the ability to measure the design. We can now access data from people’s interactions in the virtual environment. We can see what they are interacting with, for how long, what they are looking at and even what they like and don’t like about the design. That’s incredibly valuable and something you can’t get from a fly through, architectural drawing or photo. It really is a game changer in stakeholder engagement.”
    Steph BortoliEngagement Manager, VicRoads
  • “We know not everyone can understand an architectural drawings or roll plots. Through Snobal’s software we were now able to articulate to stakeholders and the general public in a more engaging, immersive and cost effective way what a complex built environment like Hoddle Street, would look like when completed. But the technology wasn’t just about visualisation. Because it’s AI assisted we were able to measure how people interacted and moved in the virtual environment and use this knowledge to ensure we were on the right track with our design concepts…you can’t get this data from a fly through or a video.”
    Daniel GregorManager Transport Advisory, Leader Strategy & Growth, SMEC
  • “Being able to get people into a virtual experience and to have them experience a product is great. But being able to do things you can’t do in the real world is where VR has the potential to really shine. Things such as exploding products where you can pull apart the product, see how it works is all something you can’t practically do in the real world with a customer.
    Joel Gresham General Manager of Innovation, Davey Water Products


Building bespoke solutions to help business digitize the core and / or create new digital offerings

If your business is on a digital transformation journey and are interested in exploring how emerging technology solutions can help then contact us to discuss our bespoke enterprise solution offering.

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We’re backed, supported and have partnered with some of the world’s largest players in technology and virtual reality hardware development.

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