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It’s an exciting time to be joining us as we deliver on our mission of being the market-leading enterprise VR platform that powers the workplace metaverse and we commence a period of global expansion on the back of recently announcing that Snobal has signed with Altaverse Technologies to complete Canadian public listing on the NEO Exchange, Canada’s tier 1 stock exchange for the innovation economy.

Founded in 2014, we are a technology company with a VR workplace platform that is helping organisations to transform how they work and learn using the power of VR.

We're scaling, its exciting - join us.


Current openings

If you are looking for a new opportunity to work with a fast growing technology company working in the workplace metaverse reach out - In the meantime, check out any current openings below:

There are currently no available positions.

How we work

Distributed team

We offer a flexible working environment where possible, recognising the wonderful diversity and richness of all our lives. Since March 2020 we have been working as a 100% distributed team which we have embraced with gusto. After all, virtual is in our DNA!  We work autonomously, but collaboratively – communicating frequently throughout the day.

Ongoing learning

It is important to us that all our team members grow, are challenged and supported at work. We continually work with you to establish goals that will set you up for success.

Flex work approach

We believe that work is one facet of our rich lives that needs to be in balance with the rest of our lives. We will work with you to ensure a balanced work and life.

Visionary founders

Our founders, Murray and Ann are an experienced and dynamic team passionate about growing a world leading technology company in collaboration with all team members.


Our Employee Assist Program (EAP) enables free access to short term counselling services and information for all our team that seeks to help our team feel and be at their best


We have a strong commitment to wellness with an annual all team Wellness Day.

Virtual social catchups

We provide a support and collaborative environment with weekly virtual social catchups and six-monthly in-person meetups (restrictions permitting),

Fast track your career

We’re growing fast and we work in a rapidly growing market – the metaverse – which means there are heaps of opportunities for you to grow and fast track your career development.

The Snobal recruitment & onboarding experience

The interview experience

We know that recruiting and onboarding 100% virtually is new to many. That’s why we we spent the last two years refining our process seeking to make the hiring experience as frictionless and stressfree for candidates as possible. Below is an overview of how we approach interviewing and onboarding as a 100% remote working company.

Submit application

Submit your application via job board posting or directly via

Virtual interview

If we feel your skills and experience fit the role we will reach out to book a time for a virtual interview.

We do this through Google Meet.

Typically there will be two, but sometimes three people in the interview i.e your direct line manager, one of the co-founders, and a potential colleague from the team. We suggest when arranging this time you look to schedule it for 45mins. All snr roles undergo two interviews.

Technical interview

For technical roles, we may do a technical interview where you can talk through your skills and approach in more depth around a project of your choice.


Assuming there is a mutual fit you will receive your offer and date for commencement.


The onboarding experience

We also know that onboarding as an employee in a 100% remote working company is an area that is still evolving so for so many organisations. We aim to deliver a world-class experience for new hires and are continually improving and refining our onboard process to ensure new team members receive the best experience possible.

Below is an overview of how we approach onboarding at Snobal.


Generally a week to 10 days before commencement at Snobal you will receive an email from your manager outlining your first day and what you will do.  You will receive guidance on how to get up and running on Snobal systems and the name and introduction to your ‘Onboard Buddy’ at Snobal.

Onboarding buddies play an important role at Snobal in ensuring a successful onboarding experience for all team members. We know that for many of us, the context surrounding the work that we do is established over time. Much of it can be even taken for granted. An onboarding buddy is someone you can reach out to any time and can help provide information, guidance, and support in terms of sourcing information or knowledge. At Snobal we believe onboard buddies are especially important in a remote working environment and are important to help with a smoother transition.

You will also receive instructions on the delivery of your hardware (PC and VR headset) so you can be ready to go on your first day.

Day 1!

Day 1 is about getting you set up on Snobal systems and introducing you to your colleagues at our daily standup in the AM. You’ll get a chance to meet everyone at our virtual daily standup. The daily standup is a forum we use to check in and see how everyone is tracking for the day – what’s got their attention;  what they are working on; any shout-outs for help and any roadblocks or challenges. You’ll typically spend the afternoon with your manager going through areas in the Snobal system that will specifically relate to you and what you will be working on.

Week 1

The rest of the week is really about you taking the time to find your feet at Snobal and in your role, to meet and get to know your colleagues albeit virtually, to explore our product and tech in more detail and to basically set you up for success.