At a glance

We’re Snobal, the creators of artificial intelligence assisted virtual reality solutions and tools changing how places and products are designed, communicated and understood.  Our suite of solutions and tools are used by some of the worlds largest engineering design companies, infrastructure developers manufacturers and smart cities to design better, engage better and understand their data better.

Our insight

As humans we are biologically primed to make sense from the world in 3D yet so much of what we do in building  built environments, packaging or product design is try and communicate ideas via images, video, 2D drawings, spreadsheets and text, which often require technical knowledge by people to understand. This can lead to confusion and misconceptions especually when communication to end users for e.g potential customers, consumers or in the case of infrastructure development the community. Snobal’s suite of solutions and tools enables innovative businesses and teams harness the power of emerging technologies to solve old problems in new ways. To collaborate on design, communicate more clearly and achieve insight on untapped data easier and faster.

Our backstory

Snobal is a Melbourne based emerging technology company. Founded in September 2014 by Ann Nolan and Murray James the journey started several years before that when Murray with his architectural visualization and retail design background and Ann with her screenwriting, digital and community development background explored how they could best use emerging technologies to foster the creation of end user focused places and products, to achieve efficiencies and environmental sustainability.

In March 2017 HTC Corporation announced Snobal as one of 33 companies chosen from over 1000 for its global ViveX Accelerator (Batch II).
In May 2017 Snobal was invited to join the IBM Global Entrepreneurs program. This program will assist in the integration of the IBM cognitive computing platform AI, Watson into the VR Tools and enable Snobal to leverage on IBM’s infrastructure, software, experience, and reach to bring its VR Tools to a global market.
In October 2017 Snobal was profiled as one of the leading Australian technology companies transforming the construction sector in an industry report produced by StartupAus in collaboration with Aconex, Lendlease, EY and the Victorian Government.

Logo & Resources

Download high resolution Snobal logo, pics and bios here.

Awards & Recognition

June 2015:  receive Victorian Merit Recipient Winner for 2015 iAwards.
March 2017:  invited onto  HTC ViveX Global Accelerator Program (Batch II).
May 2017:  invited onto IBM Global Entrepreneur Program

Latest media release

How a Melbourne based virtual reality company is transforming urban design and public engagement

Past media releases

28 March 2017: Melbourne based virtual reality start-up, Snobal joins Chinese based HTC global accelerator program
[Download media release as PDF here.]

Media contact

Please refer all media inquiries to info[at]snobal[dot]io.