The Internet of Everything: great leveler for businesses and opportunity for start-ups.

The Internet of Everything is not only a great leveler for businesses… It’s a call to arms to be innovative, collaborative and ambitious. Once companies become digital they have the opportunity to completely re-imagine their business models to connect people, process, data and things across industries, cities and countries to realise new economic value (p.2).

Internet of Everything

Cisco’s recently published report suggests – The Internet of Everything: Unlocking the Opportunity for UK Startups – outlines some of the tremendous opportunities for UK start-ups particularly in industries such as healthcare, retail, entertainments, arts, transport and energy.

It suggests that ongoing collaboration between start-ups and larger business is crucial to the success of innovative start-ups who can help large business reap the “benefits of digitization and greater connectivity on a life-changing scale”.  But Cisco recognizes there is a hard part for start-ups. Being allowed to “play” in the space in the first place.

Not sure if there is a similar report for the Australian start-up market by Cisco but if you know of one please let us know.

Read the full report here.