From Dreamers to Doers: Exciting times for Melbourne’s Virtual Reality Community with announcement of funding for a Virtual Reality Lab

An unsuspecting article in the Australian Financial News today revealed some rather exciting news for Melbourne’s rapidly growing virtual reality (VR) community not to mention business and organisations interesting in exploring VR.

The Dream factory

Early morning view from The Dream Factory in Melbourne’s inner west where the VR Lab will be located

Victoria’s $60 million innovation fund, LaunchVic, finalised its first batch of of investments and the good news is VR got a mention. In short, Melbourne is getting a Makerspace and a Virtual Reality Lab! You can read the article here.

Victoria’s first co-working space, Inspire9, was also one of the funding recipients, awarded $650,000, to establish a “makerspace” in its new Dream Factory building in Footscray. The space will provide entrepreneurs and artists with access to facilities such as 3D printing, digital sewing, laser cutting and a virtual reality lab.

At Snobal we’re rather excited about all this…especially the VR Lab bit.

Why so happy?

The impending launch of the VR Lab means that Melbourne’s (aspiring) VR entrepreneurs and start-ups interested in creating and innovating with VR but currently unable to due to lack of access to hardware and / or cost will now have no excuses. The VR Lab enables them to move from dreamers to doers.

Secondly, businesses and organisations interested in experiencing VR and exploring how it can enrich and enhance their existing processes and systems (for eg training or content creation) can get started.

We’ve had the pleasure to be working closely over the last few weeks with the team at Inspire9 at the recently launched The Dream Factory envisioning what the VR Lab will look like and how it might best support Melbourne’s burgeoning VR community, developers and business to move their dreams into a reality. You can read Inspire9 post here about the Makerspace and VR Lab.

Find out more

If you’d like us to keep you informed of the VR Lab and launch dates then leave your details here and we will be in touch.