Partner program

Growing XR for business together

Our partner program is designed to help accelerate the work of industry leaders across diverse sectors to enable them develop and deliver the latest, best-in-class XR software and solutions for business.

Who partners with Snobal?

Whether you build XR solutions for soft skills and technical skills training, customer enagement or student learning, partnering with Snobal helps you deliver and scale your XR solutions easier and faster. Sectors Snobal are currently working with include:

Hospitals and healthcare
VR & AR enterprise content creators
Corporate learning and workplace training
Museums and culture

Partnership types

Partnering with Snobal means being a part of our growing global partner network.

Industry Partner

Our Industry Partners are leaders in their field and work with us to foster mutually beneficial collaboration and XR solution development that drives innovation and success in their industry.

Read about partner JB Hunter.

Technology Partner

Our Technology Partners are those with a hardware or software solution that adds value to our platform, Snobal Cloud or complements Snobal’s technology offering.

Read about partner Pico Interactive.

Platform Partner

Platform Partners are VR/AR enterprise development companies or organisations who know that scaling and managing XR solutions can be hard. Snobal Cloud makes it easy by doing the heavy lifting on XR solution deployment, management and analysis enabling partners to focus on what they do best – XR solution identification, design, development and customer engagement.

Why partner with Snobal?

Our Partner Program was founded to help grow Snobal Cloud platform and is designed to help accelerate and amplify the impact of the XR for business ecosystem and to help partners build XR solutions faster, launch easier and reach more customers.

Accelerate go to market for XR solutions.
Let your customers get the most out of Snobal Cloud including access to technical support.
Deliver an enterprise grade frictionless experience for your customers and users.
Focus on what matters to you i.e solution design and support for your customers and identified markets.
Potential to access increased revenue and expanded geographical reach through leveraging Snobal partner network.
Get partner updates about Snobal Cloud features and news.
Get access to cross promotion and collaboration opportunities across partner network.

Partner profile

Industry Partner: - JB Hunter

Collaborating on industry specific skills and safety related training.

Snobal is collaborating with registered training organisation JB Hunter, a market leader in telecommunications and safety training for more than twenty years, to support JB Hunter’s development and provision of innovative virtual reality and augmented reality training solutions for the telecommunications and safety related industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Training modules are powered by Snobal and include:

Virtual CPR Training – see demo video below.
Virtual First Aid in an ESI Environment
Virtual Pole Top Rescue
Virtual Low Voltage Rescue.


Our technology partners

We work with some of the biggest names in technology.


Who can join the Snobal Partner Program?

The Snobal Partner Program has three partnership types.

  • Platform Partner: You have an XR solution and are looking for a platform enabling ease of delivery, management and analysis of your solution.
  • Industry Partner: You are a market leader in your industry and are looking to value add to your existing customer or users through building scaleable XR solutions and experiences for your industry sector.
  • Technology Partner: You offer hardware of software that is complementary to VR and AR development for eg VR headsets.

Is there a fee to join the Snobal Partner Program?

Snobal does not currently charge a fee to join the Snobal Partner Program.

Do partners have to be in a certain geographical region?

We require partners to be operating in geographical regions where Snobal platform and solutions can be made available.

What are the benefits of joining the Snobal Partner Program?

There are a range of opportunities arising from the Snobal Partner Program for organisations want to accelerate best-in-class XR software and solutions for their business. Four key benefits include:

  • Faster time to market with XR solutions as no need to worry about deployment and management of XR solutions.
  • Ability to focus on what matters to you i.e product design and offering and support for your customers and identified markets.
  • Potential to access increased revenue and expanded geographical markets through leveraging a XR cloud based platform and network.
  • Join a growing global XR for business network.

Where can I find information about Snobal logo and trademark usage?

In time this information will be made available through our website. For the moment you will be provided this information when you become a Snobal Partner.

How can I get my business logo listed on your Partner page on your website?

When you join the Snobal Partner Program your company logo can be listed on the Snobal website.

How can I get up and running on the Snobal Partner Program?

Email us at and someone will be in touch.

Ready? Let's partner.