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Snobal collaborates with global industry players across diverse sectors with the aim to develop and deliver the latest, best-in-class XR products for business particularily across the built environment lifecycle.

Partnership types


Industry partner

We work with our Industry partners to foster mutually beneficial collaboration that drives innovation, digital transformation and success in their industry.


Technology partner

Our Technology partners are those with a technology solution or hardware that might add value or complement Snobals technology offering.


Global growth partner

Our Global growth partners have extensive market penetration and a desire to expand their reach in existing and new markets. They also provide complementary offerings.

Why partner with Snobal?

Organisations partner with Snobal for many reasons including:

Fast track innovation and success for your clients and customers
Enable complementary offerings that add value to your clients and customers
Expand your reach and enhance competitive differentiation in market

Partner profile

JB Hunter

Collaborating on industry specific skills and safety related training.

Snobal is collaborating with registered training organisation JB Hunter, a market leader in telecommunications and safety training for more than twenty years, to support JB Hunter’s development and provision of innovative virtual reality and augmented reality training solutions for the telecommunications and safety related industry in Australia and New Zealand.

These innovative virtual reality and augmented reality training solutions will be delivered via JBHXR launching 2020. See below for a sneak peek.



In November 2019, JB Hunter launches JBHXR and the first of four innovative XR training modules for safety related training. Training modules are powered by Snobal and include CPR, First Aid in an ESI Environment, Pole Top Rescue and Low Voltage Rescue. Full immersive training program coming 2020.

Our technology partners

We're backed and supported by some of the biggest names in emerging technology.


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