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Why Snobal?

Snobal is your virtual workplace


Enterprise grade

Snobal is built to be enterprise-friendly and makes it easy to deploy, author and report VR/AR across diverse use cases. Experiences can be built by you, built by Snobal or built by a third party VR/AR developer of your choice. It’s up to you.


More effective workplace learning

Use Snobal to deliver and assess workplace training (soft and technical skills) VR experiences.  We also work with Universities and can adapt curriculum content into VR.


Richer employee and customer collaboration

Use the VR collaboration extension, Snobal Sphere to meet, discuss, present and share work in VR.

Ideal for remote and hybrid working organisations

Enterprise grade security

  • We’re constantly evolving our approach by incorporating the latest tools, methods, and processes to ensure enterprise-friendly security and data protection.

Platform for scale

  • LMS Integration
  • API’s and SDK available
  • Cloud Hosted or On-Prem options available
  • White-labeled capability


If you're new to Snobal, looking to re-platform or claims your immersive virtual workplace these FAQs will get you started.

Can we use Snobal for our hybird or remote working employees and customers?

Absolutely. Snobal is ideal for organisations that are remote or hybrid working as it enables you to give access to your team members, customers and end-users a virtual workplace to collaborate, communicate, meet, discuss, present, and learn.

How do we claim our immersive virtual workspace on Snobal?

Simply schedule a demo to get started.

Do VR/AR experiences or solutions on Snobal have to be built by you?

No. VR/AR experiences on Snobal can be built by you, built by Snobal or build by a third-party VR/AR developer of your choice. Request a trial of Snobal to get started.

We would like to adapt a soft skills / technical skills training module to VR - can you help?

Yes. Snobal can build VR/AR solutions (for eg for a training course) across diverse use cases and industries. All solutions are hosted on Snobal for ease of management and scale. Book a personalised demo and trial to find out more.

Do I need to purchase headsets?

It depends. All Snobal products are shipped with specified VR head mounted displays (headset) depending on the use case or business application.
The development of headsets is occurring at a rapid pace. While Snobal is headset agnostic (compatible with Android and Windowns headsets) at the moment Snobal typically works with Pico headsets/devices.

If you have a Pico headset / device you can start using Snobal without needing to purchase a headset.

What headsets are compatible with your platform?

Snobal is headset agnostic meaning any devices that are Android or WinMR based are compatible.

We are a University, can we use Snobal as our virtual workplace?

Yes. Snobal is ideal for enterprise and education.  Request a trial of Snobal to get started.

What do I need to do to ensure headset hygiene?

For your peace of mind and comfort we suggest that headset hygiene cover three key areas – hand and personal hygiene, headset hygiene, hand controller (and peripherals) hygience. Learn more.

Can we use Snobal for collaboration with customers?

Yes. Snobal is built for and with enterprise to provide an immersive workplace for employee and customer engagement and collaboration..

What are the pricing details?

Pricing for Snobal can vary depending on whether you also require assistance with VR/AR solution development and access to our VR collaboration extension.
Talk to sales and request a demo to get more information on pricing as it relates to your specific use case.

Is Snobal secure?

We take security seriously and embrace a shared security posture. Check our security page with all the latest on our cybersecurity approach.

How frequently is Snobal updated?

Snobal is updated as frequently as required or as updates are identified and enacted.   Check our latest updates.

Have we missed a question?

If you would like us to answer a question that isn’t listed here, please let us know.

Have more questions? Check out our knowledge base.

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