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As part of contributing to the research and development of the XR industry especially as it applies to business applications, Snobal publishes insight papers, which explore our findings and experiences as a market leading technology company working in XR.

The insight papers also invite further research and exploration into XR especially as it applies to enabling enriched and enhanced communication, collaboration and understanding on data and processes.

Insight papers

  • Virtual reality in workplace learning
  • Key considerations for scaling virtual reality solutions across workplace

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    Research and insight papers

    Key considerations when scaling virtual reality in the workplace

    In the current climate, keeping people safe and reducing face to face interaction has become a key driver around organisations leveraging digital and newer technologies such as virtual reality. This insight paper explores some of the key considerations organisations may have on how best to scale an XR solution, whether for collaboration, communication or stakeholder and customer engagement, across the workplace.

    Virtual reality in workplace learning

    This insight paper explores some of the most frequently asked questions organisations may have when commencing the journey of implementing a virtual learning solution especially in a remote working environment and across diverse geographic locations. The paper reflects Snobal’s experience over six years developing virtual learning software solutions to global clients across diverse sectors.

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