Virtual is in our DNA

Our XR solutions are built for remote working

Working remotely or as distributed teams can create challenges especially when needing to communicate and collaborate on built environment design. It can also create challenges when needing to communicate and articulate design and data to customers and stakeholder or when needing to provide training and assessment experiences to workers or share expert content knowledge with customers.

Our XR solutions make it easier.


Use our virtual reality and augmented reality (XR) solutions to help virtualise existing workflows and business operations or to provide immersive learning experiences.


XR review

for design testing and collaboration 

Built specifically for designers, engineers and cross functional teams to collaborate and test designs in virtual reality and facilitate a design audit trail.


XR engage

for stakeholder & public engagement

Built for asset owners and operators and stakeholder engagement managers to facilitate richer and more effective stakeholder engagement


XR learn

for training, assessment and knowledge transfer

Provide trainees with rich, immersive learning environments. Track and capture trainees knowledge comprehension, cognitive skills as well as decision making under stress skills.


XR manage

for asset planning and maintenance

Use the virtual environment as a dashboard for planning and monitoring to track asset performance for enhanced sustainability and operational efficiency.

Keeping work moving

A cloud based solution

Our platform, Snobal Cloud makes it easy for remote teams to get up and running with XR for technical and soft skill training; design testing and review, customer engagement and asset planning and maintenance. Includes:

Ease of headset management across diverse geographic locations via our platform, Snobal Cloud.
Ease of virtual experience management to workers and customers at diverse geographic location.
Ease of user management across diverse geographic locations using Snobal Cloud.

Ready? Let's make magic!