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Transforming learning through virtual reality

XR learn is our all-in-one, cloud based, enterprise grade solution that makes it easier to create, deliver & analyse immersive learning experiences. Built for remote working teams and distributed users.


Creating engaging and effective learning experiences has its challenges.
XR learn make it easier.

Provide rich, measured, immersive learning experiences to team members and cutomers in diverse geographic locations.


Soft skills

Enable leaners to learn by doing through practising soft skills such as conflict resolution, problem solving and team work in a safe, engaging, immersive, environment.


Hard (technical) skills

Use XR learn to provide learners with the ability to practise skills and decision making under stress in a safe, controlled, yet highly realistic and measured environment. Ideal for high consequence environments.


Executive & organisational education

XR learn is being used to support executive or organisational educational programs and soft skills development. We work with you to adapt content (for eg case studies), knowledge or expertise into a virtual learning experience.

Key features

XR learn integrated with our platform Snobal Cloud gives you full control over immersive learning experiences.


Manage users

Organisations have complete control over user access on system:

  • role based access to features
  • configure administrator users
  • invite users with welcome email
  • forgot password access
  • suspend or delete users

Manage immersive experiences

Organisations manage, deliver and analyse XR experiences:

  • configure sessions in advance
  • track ‘visitors’ who are not users
  • select the language for each user

Manage headsets (devices)

Organisations have complete control over the XR devices accessing their system:

  • download device software
  • add/suspend/delete devices from Snobal Cloud
  • simple, secure device access to Snobal Cloud

Other features


Multi-user capabilities including remote user login. Enabling collaboration via diverse geographic locations.

Measured learner insights

Track, capture and analyse learner performance which is reported back to a web dashboard for analysis and insight.

Insights dashboard

Insights from XR experiences are tracked, captured and reported to a web dashboard for enhanced visibility on how virtual environments are being used.

Cloud based

All XR learn experiences are cloud hosted and can be freely accessed and used anywhere via the internet. 

Enteprise friendly

Gain peace of mind not to mention flexibility and scalability with a virtual learning solution that can be deployed across your organisation.


We provide technical support and updates as well as access to technical expertise to enable clients get the most out of our XR products.

White labelled capability

White labelled solution for ease of deployment to existing and new clients. XR learn with Snobal Cloud enables you focus on your core business while at the same time expanding reach into new clients and markets.

LMS integration

XR learn integrates with your LMS enabling you to get the most value and efficiency out of your virtual learning.


We make VR headset and hardware management easy.


Partner profile: JB Hunter

Snobal collaborates with global industry players across diverse sectors with the aim to develop and deliver the latest, best-in-class XR products for business.

With regards to safety related training for the telecommunications and related industry, Snobal is collaborating with registered training organisation JB Hunter in the development and provision of innovative virtual reality training solutions.

Virtual reality training solutions available for deployment include Low Voltage Rescue, Pole Top Rescue, First Aid in an ESI Environment.

Coming soon – CPR.

Insight series

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