Technology company Snobal has launched the ability to run connected VR apps from within its workplace metaverse platform. The release, currently in beta, places the company as the world-leading enterprise metaverse platform enabling users a more seamless and useful immersive experience and empowering organizations to easily use VR to solve mission-critical issues such as learning and assessment, collaboration, and engagement.

MELBOURNE– JUNE 7, 2022 – Snobal, a technology company developing a workplace metaverse platform for business and education,  has become one of the first to market with the ability to deep-link or connect VR apps within its workplace metaverse platform enabling a more connected and seamless experience for users when using the platform for learning and assessment, remote collaboration and engagement.

With the rapid evolution of the metaverse, delivering virtual experiences where users can move seamlessly from one VR app to another has been one of the key challenges to overcome.

Deep-linking enables two separate VR apps to be connected to each other enabling a user to join both apps from the one place on the Snobal platform. Organizations can enable their employees and customers to jump into a virtual workplace on Snobal and when ready launch and access other VR apps from within their virtual workplace. For example to enter a virtual training and assessment experience.

Combined with Snobal’s web-based content authoring capabilities, this new feature allows organizations to create their own virtual learning experiences using the Snobal SDK, with assessment results reported at runtime for accreditation and aggregation.

“This is an exciting technical breakthrough for our platform, and for the realization of the enterprise metaverse in general,” said Snobal Co-founder & CEO, Murray James. “Users can now seamlessly move between connected VR apps, and organizations can gain access to broad data aggregated across connected applications with the feature enabling bi-directional data flow between VR apps. We’re looking to roll the feature out to all our customers more broadly soon”.

Snobal enterprise-friendly VR/AR platform also enables businesses to easily manage headsets, users, permissions, visitors, and experiences. Snobal is device and software agnostic and works with customers spanning a variety of industries, including education, professional services,  healthcare, education, and telecommunications.

About Snobal

Snobal was founded in 2014 with a vision to make it easy for organizations to meet, collaborate and work together using VR/AR. Now, Snobal is the virtual workplace platform of choice powering the enterprise metaverse. For more information on Snobal visit

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