Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) adoption has surged in business and education over the last year. With distributed workforces and remote and hybrid working arrangements here to stay, organisations are looking to harness digital technologies such as VR/AR as part of their digital toolkit for more effective employee and customer collaboration and learning. Snobal’s launch of its remote enterprise VR collaboration and presentation app, Snobal Sphere positions it as a global leader in enterprise cloud VR/AR solutions.

MELBOURNE:  8 SEPTEMBER 2021 –  Snobal, the technology company developing market-leading VR/AR  solutions for enterprise and education,  becomes one of the first to market with a remote enterprise VR collaboration and presentation authoring app called Snobal Sphere. Snobal Sphere enables people to meet, discuss, present and play in VR regardless of their physical location. Snobal Sphere is available globally from the Snobal website.

The newly launched app builds on the company’s eight years experience and strength in developing cloud VR/AR solutions for enterprise and education, as well as positions the company as a world leader in enterprise VR/AR software development.

Murray James,  Snobal co-founder, and chief executive officer said, “Over the last 18mths we have seen a huge shift in where and how people work and study. The shift to a distributed workforce, along with the growth of hybrid and remote working, means business leaders are focussed on what digital tools they can best use to foster more effective workplace collaboration. Using Snobal Sphere organisations can enable their employees and customers to meet in VR, import and discuss presentations, videos, and 3D files. Snobal Sphere is great for those times when you need to meet and collaborate but it’s not possible to have everyone in the same physical location. When you need genuine human interaction and engagement but distance and video conferencing make this difficult. Snobal Sphere offers a polished professional immersive experience which can be used for employee onboarding and workplace learning along with customer collaboration and engagement,”.

The company sees its VR collaboration and communication app as providing an enterprise-friendly immersive collaboration solution not just for businesses but also for educational organisations who are future-proofing their offering. 

“Online education is assuming greater importance than before and for educational organisations students’ needs and expectations have changed.  Students are wanting more engaging, personalised learning experiences as part of the blended learning experience and there is an impetus by education to find more effective ways to deliver their learning so that they can stay ahead.  We know VR and AR  is and will be increasingly a part of educational organisations digital toolkits,” said James.

Snobal’s experience and focus in the development of VR/AR software for business and education since 2014 means the company places a strong emphasis on security. “We know from eight years working with government, education, and enterprise that while they might have a strong appetite to use VR or AR for collaboration they also need the assurance of key enterprise features such as:  control over data and where it resides; control over users; control over privacy, headset and hardware used; and ease of updates. It’s where we see our differences and focus. For example, businesses and education can’t use headsets or remote collaboration solutions that require social media logins. Snobal Sphere is built for workforce collaboration so gives business and education this peace of mind,” commented James. 

Using Snobal Sphere, people located in diverse geographical locations can remotely meet, discuss and present in VR.  People can set up an account, create their avatar and share a meeting code with other meeting participants which enable people to meet in the same virtual space. Meeting participants will be able to choose from a selection of virtual rooms to meet, which fit their meeting aims; they can see each other as avatars, talk in real-time enabling conversation to feel more ‘real’.  Meeting participants will also be able to access functionality such as importing files such as videos, images, and 3D models into the virtual environment.

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Australia, Snobal has grown to be a key player on the global VR/AR for business landscape with its platform, Snobal Cloud that makes it easy for organisations to remotely deploy, author, and report VR/AR experiences across diverse use cases.

The company’s remote VR collaboration and presentation authoring app, Snobal Sphere is available from the Snobal website and will soon be available from the Pico App Store.

About Snobal

Snobal is a global technology company that is revolutionizing how business and education use VR/AR to solve mission-critical issues. Innovative companies across the world use the company’s platform to scale their VR/AR experiences across diverse use cases and applications ranging from workplace training, employee onboarding and collaboration, and customer collaboration.  

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia Snobal has been an innovator and industry leader in advancing the use of VR/ AR for business and education since 2014. 

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