Accessing the Snobal App

Once you have setup your headset, you will access your experiences via the Snobal app.

To access your experiences, select the ‘Snobal XR’ application from the home screen.

Snobal application

Launching your XR experience
Once you have launched the application, you will be taken through a few steps to download the latest content and confirm your details.

Step one: Check for updates
Each time you launch the Snobal application, it will automatically check for any available updates.

Checking for updates

Step two: Downloading updates
If there are updates available, they will automatically be downloaded.
You may remove your headset until the update is complete.

Downloading updates

Step three: Welcome
Once the Snobal application has checked for updates, you will be prompted to enter your unique passcode. This will identify you in the system and give you access to the relevant experiences. Have your passcode ready, if you do not have a passcode, please contact your administrator.


Step four: Enter your passcode
Enter your eight digit passcode then select ‘Enter’.

Enter your passcode

Step five: Confirmation
Confirm that this is you, alternatively, select ‘Back’ to retry your passcode.


Step six: Headset hygiene
If this screen appears, it is important that you acknowledge that you have followed the headset hygiene procedure as per the guidelines provided, you should not continue unless you have followed the guidelines.

Headset hygiene

Your experience will launch!

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