Getting started on Snobal – Step by Step

Table of Contents

Snobal – is a cloud VR/AR platform for ease of device management, VR/AR app management, content authoring, experience reporting, and multi-user VR collaboration.

VR/AR experiences on the platform can be built by you, by Snobal or build by a third-party developer of your choice.

The platform has a VR collaborative extension and is accessible at the moment via a separate VR App uploaded to your Snobal web based dashboard.

Get started: Overview #

Part 1, set up the pairing code for device, application, and deployment profile.

  • Part 1-1, The pairing code is used to pair your device to a Snobal account.
  • Part 1-2, The VR application is Snobal.
  • Part 1-3, The deployment profile is used to push the application to the device.

Part 2, pair the device and download the Snobal VR collaborative application.

Part 3, set up an Attendee and a meeting.

  • Part 3-1, Create an Attendee who will join
  • Part 3-2, Create a meeting session

Part 4, join the meeting

Read step-by-step instructions on getting started on the VR collaborative extension.