Accessing the Snobal Cloud APK

Now that you have uploaded your application(s) to Snobal Cloud via the web platform, the next step is to install the Snobal Cloud application on your device. 

The Snobal Cloud application acts as the engine that allows you to pair your device, it will then check which deployment profile it has been assigned so that it can install/update your specified applications. Once complete, you’ll see the applications available via the menu.

Note: Each time you run the Snobal Cloud application, it will automatically detect whether there has been any updates to your applications, and will then update the applications on your device accordingly.

  1. Put your device on

2. Launch the App Store

3. Search for the Snobal Cloud application, then install the application

4. Once installed, the Snobal Cloud application will be displayed in the menu. you can now launch the application.

5. Follow the prompts to pair your device, your applications will then be available in the menu.